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What’s Facebook Ads ?

Many of us start our day by checking the news on Facebook, Instagram оr Messenger. This habit of people is very useful for your business – Facebook network is a great place for successful advertising and building relationships with customers.

Every day we look for new ideas for exceptional communication, analyze successful examples in both the Lithuanian and foreign markets, collect data on algorithms – we do everything consistently and strive only for the best results.

If you do not have a Facebook account for your business, we will create one too! Using the latest trends, we will prepare a successful Facebook strategy, we will work on consistent account administration, which will not only allow you to grow your existing audience, but also to constantly expand it.

Facebook Ads Will Bring Benefits To Your Business

  • Creating effective Facebook ads
  • Target audience cultivation
  • Facebook account administration
  • Development of communication and Facebook advertising strategies
  • Provision of results analysis and insights

How Facebook Ads Works ?


Choose your objective.

To choose the right ad objective, answer the question “what’s the most important outcome I want from this ad?” It could be sales on your website, downloads of your app or increased brand awareness.

Select your audience.

Using what you know about the people you want to reach—like age, location and other details—choose the demographics, interests and behaviors that best represent your audience.

Set your budget.

Enter your daily or lifetime budget and the time period during which you want your ads to run. These limits mean that you’ll never spend more than you’re comfortable with.

Pick a format.

Choose from six versatile ad formats—they’re designed to work on every device and connection speed. You can choose to show a single image or video in your ad, or use a roomier, multi-image format.

Measure and manage your ad.

Once your ad is running, you can track performance and edit your campaign in Ads Manager. See if one version of your ad is working better than another, or if your ad is being delivered efficiently, and make tweaks and adjustments as needed.